Our Process

Computer Scrap Recycling

What is the need that we try to address?

We help individuals and organizations dispose their unwanted IT equipment in a sustainable way.

What are the challenges in computer equipment disposal?

  • IT assets have a high rate of depreciation, almost 40% per year.
  • Individuals and corporates upgrade or refresh their computerequipment frequently with regular improved versions in the market
  • IT upgrade presents challenges in terms of finding a qualified buyer, the time taken and logistics.

computer scrap recycling

How do we provide sustainable solutions?

Our solutions are environmentally compliant. We recycle your electronic waste. We facilitate the manufacture of useful products from your used electronic appliances. We refurbish them so they can be reused.

What are the benefits of our e-waste recycling?

  • Decrease in the extraction of raw materials
  • Preservation of resources and the environment
  • Saving our landfills from piling up of solid toxic chemicals
  • Reduced risk of toxic substances such as lead and mercury, seeping into the soil and water
  • Minimization of health hazards
  • Optimal use of unwanted office equipment for research

What is our modus operandi?

  1. Assessments of your needs
  2. Preparation of a stock list  of the items for recycling
  3. Setting of Asset Recovery terms- quantity, type of material, price, payment terms, security and reporting procedures
  4. Pickup of items and transportation to our facility
  5. Data destruction
  6. Decommissioning of your electronic equipment
  7. Dismantling of equipment at disassembly line into its original raw materials
  8. Segregation into different compartments for further processing
  9. Recycling

recycling products

Why should you outsource to us?
  • Outsourcing the task of office equipment recycling saves you resources which you can apply on your core competencies.
  • A professional e-Scrap recycling (computer scrap recycling) company ensures responsible and compliant standards and procedures.
  • Eliminates risk of espionage and data breaches.

e-scrap recycling

What is the New Green Star advantage?

  • On-site and off-site data destruction
  • Convenient pick up and logistics support
  • Security protocols-data integrity
  • Asset Management and Auditing
  • Skilled teams of inspectors and technicians for equipment dismantling and data destruction


Corporate Equipment Buy Back

New Green Star offers IT asset disposal & buy back from individuals and corporates. We refurbish and resell your obsolete equipment. We explore a secondary utility for your outdated electronic devices.We try to make it functional for those who can’t afford brand new equipment.

e-waste recycling
The types of equipment we accept include:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops, notebooks, tablets, iPads, smartphones
  • Keyboards, mouse
  • Motherboards
  • Hard disk drives, RAMs
  • MAC and networking equipment
  • Servers and monitors
  • Printers and plotters
  • Scanners and copiers
  • Processors
  • Cables
  • CDs and DVD s
  • Power supply of computers and laptops

Secure Data Destruction – E waste Recycling

New Green Star understands the sensitivity of your physical and electronic data. Our trained technicians extract hard drives and storage media to be destroyed.They permanently erase data from all storage and media units. The storage units are disintegrated and shredded. This process eliminates the risk of theft or misappropriation. Recyclable components are separated and sent for further processing.

Integrity in data destruction:

  • International security standards for permanent and complete destruction of your obsolete data
  • Data security on all you devices throughout the lifecycle of your IT assets.
  • Recycling of the extracted electronic devices
  • Inventory list sent to customer for review and signature
  • Audit and Certificates issued on request.