Importance of Suitable E-waste Disposal

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Do you know that 100% of our e-waste is recyclable? But, how much of it does reach the e-waste recycling companies in Dubai? The answer is only 15 to 20% of the waste goes through electronic scrap recycling. Rest of it is left to create massive landfills on earth.

The landfills on earth are increasing at alarming rates. To further worsen the situation, the electronic wastes will eventually release toxic substances into the atmosphere.


Here is why e-waste disposal should be taken seriously:

Save the earth

As mentioned earlier, electronic waste not only contaminates the soil but also seeps through the water. It is the biggest reason why we have polluted rivers and increasing drinking water crisis. The chemicals in this e-waste are dangerous to health and can lead to organ disorder and even death. Lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium are the toxic substances found in electronic waste. As responsible inhabitants on this earth, we must ensure not to leave any of this haywire. After usage, electronics should be handed to e-waste recycling companies for proper disposal.

Recover Valuables

Electronic equipment consists of multiple tiny components. There are also valuables metals like copper, gold, silver, palladium etc. in these electronics. Ironically one of the recent studies showed how the valuables, when extracted from all the discarded electronics, would form a deposit that is at least 40% richer than the ores mines on earth. Hence giving away the electronics to e-waste disposal companies in Dubai will yield to the economy than dumping them on the ground.

Helps in decreasing production

Most of the times, electronics need not be dismantled as there are only minor dysfunctionalities. In such cases, e-waste disposal companies handle them in two ways-

Reuse the entire product

Many discarded electronics can be reused. These goods are sent to companies who repair the product and sell them again as refurbished products in the market. It is a way to help people avail the technology at cheap rates and also help in producing fewer products.

Reuse the components

Sometimes the product cannot be reused as a whole, but many components are in a good state and can be used in other products. In such cases, the manufacturing companies reuse these components that help them save on the cost of production. It also helps the environment producing fewer of these components.

Cut the Greenhouse gas levels.

As stated earlier, electronic scrap recycling will help in less production. Fewer component products will cut down in the emission of wastes that accumulate during the process. Hence, by recycling, you are also indirectly helping the atmosphere to heal by not contaminating it further.

Date Security

Do you think that the ‘delete permanently’ option on your computer helps in eliminating the data forever? The answer is “No”. Any educated professional can recover all your deleted data and use it for malpractices. Think once before discarding the electronics in waste.

Electronic scrap recycling at responsible centers will eradicate all the data in a way that no one can recover it. It is only after this that they determine the next steps.

Create jobs

Recycling is a green sector and people working there are part of this noble revolution. When trusting them with your e-waste, you are helping to generate more clean jobs along with saving yourself and the environment.

Be a part of green revolution

The world generated a staggering 50 million tones of e-waste every year. It is equivalent to building 45oo Eiffel towers. The scariest part is that digitalization has taken its toll and the numbers will only increase in the coming years. The only remedy is recycling. The UN, along with many countries, is taking initiatives to handle the e-waste responsibly and free the landfills. Be a part of this revolution by recycling the e-waste.

So be responsible to protect your nature. The best way to recycle your electronic waste is to find an E-waste recycling company to manage your waste disposal. Contact-us for your requirements