Importance of Suitable E-waste Disposal

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  ; Do you know that 100% of our e-waste is recyclable? But, how much of it does reach the e-waste recycling companies in Dubai? The answer is only 15 to 20% of the waste goes through electronic scrap recycling. Rest of it is left to create massive landfills on earth. The landfills on earth are increasing at alarming…

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Where can I Recycle Electronic Waste in Dubai

E-waste recycling

  At least once while searching for E-waste recycling services, we envisage the faces of Greta Thunberg and 15 other kids who questioned the older generations about violating their rights of living in a greener and cleaner world. The sense of guilt is evident on everyone’s faces when her questions strike a blow on the face. It is time to…

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Reduce Your IT Waste With Electronic Waste Management Company

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E-waste management  is the perfect step taken towards the revival of our planet. Every year we create landfills with these hazardous waste. There is no way we can stop the production of this e-waste. But there are solutions with electronic waste management company Dubai where better plans are implemented for reducing  e-waste in your day to day life. Here is what…

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