How To Recycle Your Electronic Waste Properly

e-waste disposal


For how long do we use a phone, laptop or a PC? With rapidly changing technology, it becomes impossible to maintain an electronic device for long. Hence, most of us toss it within a year to upgrade with a better version. But, how many of us contact  electronic waste disposal Dubai companies to take away the used products?

Well, not many of us care about the disposal. The used electronics are put into the waste leading to gross landfills. But these are things we must be responsible of. Electronic scraps are made of chemicals such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, mercury etc. They are all toxic and can contaminate our underground water. But careful disposal of waste through e-waste recycling Dubai can save humanity from a fatal crisis.

Here are a few methods to recycle your electronic scraps.

Visit certified electronic waste disposal Dubai companies to recycle your electronic waste

Giving away the responsibility of recycling waste to companies doing is a sensible decision. Many of us feel contended after doing so. But do we know what happens to the waste after that? Many malpractices are going on in the uncertified companies. Some of them illegally ship the e-waste. Many create landfills and try to burn them with chemicals. Hence, seriously harming the environment. Even worse happens when some send these wastes to third world countries where poor children extract gold, silver, iron and copper out of them. Prolonged exposure to electronic waste creates major health issues in already sick kids. Sometimes the criminal minds get hold of your devices. They could retrieve even the deleted information and use it negatively.

The above malpractices are reasons why one should always approach a certified company for Electronic scrap recycling in Dubai. Hence you can feel sure that the e-waste you give them doesn’t become pollution in any other country or a case of agony for poor kids. Contact the local government authorities to know who the certified recyclers are and lend the electronic scrap in responsible hands.

Repair and resell

Some of the electronics may be facing slight defects, but we prefer to dispose them before buying a new one. In such cases, contact your local technician who can fix the issue for you. Hence you have a piece of working electronic equipment in hand. It can be sold second hand or donated to less privileged people. This way, you are recycling the product and also helping people in need.

Exchange and save

Many companies follow the drill of exchanging products. When you give away your old device, you receive a specific discount on the new one. You do save money and also save yourself from the trouble of disposing of your old gadgets. The companies being responsible business houses do their best in recycling these products.

Put your creativity to use

You are most probably doing creative things with newspapers and cardboard. Electronic devices can also be used to create useful products. If you are the imaginator, then try transforming the product or visit places that deal in this genre. You can also contact the local antic shop to know more about this.

E-waste recycling Dubai is an essential service. But before deciding to recycle, let us first pledge to evaluate our usage. Ask a few questions to yourself before buying a new gadget.

  • Can’t you work without the latest version?
  • Isn’t a software update enough, rather than buying a new device?

If it is a “yes” for all the above question, refrain from buying the device as you don’t need it. But in case it is your need to buy a new electronic device do dispose of the old one responsibly.

Contact companies that deal with electronic waste disposal Dubai, Abu Dhabi and let them shoulder the responsibility.